Playworks Program at Roosevelt

Roosevelt Elementary has partnered with Playworks, an organization that brings social emotional learning into structured recess and classroom game time experiences! We are excited to work with some of our 4th and 5th grade students to become Junior Coaches and help teach the younger students fun games, be a good role model and demonstrate positive behaviors during their free time. We have been playing some great games during indoor recess including Wax Museum and Ro-Sham-Bo (which is the same as rock-paper-scissors). The classes also got to work on conflict resolution during their Classroom Game Time this week. We are looking forward to more fun games and learning throughout the rest of the year! Students have really loved the fun claps that we have done as a group, if you see a Roosevelt Raider you should ask them to teach you the “Lookin’ Good” clap! Check out our facebook page for some more pictures of students during classroom game time and indoor recess.